MARCH 2024
UltraHD 2K WQHD H265 16:9 WiFi camera. 1.7mm super panoramic lens. 175° Starlight sensitivity 0.001 Lux. Optimized for very panoramic mobile video surveillance and expecially for investigating vandalism and sabotages. Can be powered with any power bank. Short distance connection via WiFi Direct (Android hotspot). Size 55x50x12 mm. only...

The AN700 4G UltraHD 2K micro cameras now have an innovative dual operating mode. They can be activated in 4G mode with SIM Card (remote control on mobile phone with unlimited range and lower battery lasting). Or they can be activated in WiFi Direct mode without SIM Card (remote control on mobile phone within 20-30 mts range, higher discretion and doubled battery lasting)...

Special 'micro-beacon' GPS locator mm. 33x36x12.5 with 1200mA external wired battery 37x32x12.5m mm. Total weight 45 gr. both parts. It works with cyclic mode and can last up to 90 days, despite such small dimensions. Designed for special and specific uses such as tracking down fleeing people, kidnapped childs, shared custodies monitoring, high-value items recovery...

 AUGUST 2023
The line of WiFi environmental bugs has a new version. WiFi bugs are an interesting alternative to GSM bugs because do not require a SIM card. This tiny device allows the environmental live listening, environmental audio recording, remote ON/OFF of recording function and remote downloading of recorded files. Everything via the internet with dedicated Android App. No phone calls, no SMS, no SIM cards, no phone lines involved. In stand-by (recording not active) the 600mA internal rechargeable battery can last up to 18 days...

 JULY 2023
The line of GSM Tiny environmental bugs has new version without internal battery. The battery is external and can be chosen according to the need for lasting. Most interesting features are the size of only 30x23x10 mm, the DSP audio with AGC, the remotely adjustable ANR filter and the remotely adjustable five-level microphone sensitivity. This bug also has the BTS LBS location feature, the anti-sweeping feature and the timer shutdown...

 JUNE 2023
Given the success of the 'Three years unlimited usage included' promo on Secure No SIM GPS trackers, we have decided to extend it for further six months...

 JUNE 2023
Unsuspecting universal 5V USB working charger with micro recorder 50 hours of continuous recording. Standard size (about 60x40x20 mm.) and common look. The micro recorder works with a rechargeable battery, so it records both when the device is connected to the mains and when it is disconnected (e.g. placed on a desk, on a shelf, in a storage, etc.). Can record a conversation up to 10 meters...

 MAY 2023
Antistalking GSM bug in fake remote control. Send SMS alarm and phone call at a button push. Allows live environmental listening for preventive, defensive, probative or testimonial purposes. Designed and optimized for a law firm. Locator feature via SMS on BTS cells. Internal rechargeable battery 0.8 ampere 4 days stand-by and 3.5-4 hrs. of remote live listening.

 APRIL 2023
The range of 4G LTE micro cameras (no WiFi) now has a new tiny version 78x36x23 mm. and 64 grams only. This device mount an internal rechargeable 2.4 amps battery for approximately 5 hours lasting. Suitable for worn usage and for covert targeted uses. But it can also be installed permanently in minimum spaces.

 MARCH 2023
Our BTS/LBS cyclic locator has been completely updated. Cyclic LBS locators cannot provide the fine position because are not equipped with a GPS receiver. But they can be in some cases the only alternative to GPS trackers when extreme and normally irreconciliable features are required: unlimited range, extreme tiny dimensions, extreme light weight, months of autonomy in continuous operation and strongly less cost than e.g. the micro-beacons used in scientific research. The new version does not require SIM card insertion, measuring just 32x36x10 mm. weighs 18 grams and reaches the incredible lasting of 210 days (7 months) in continuos operation. 4 years unlimited usage included in the price.

The new micron WiFi DVR camera 56x35x16 mm. is ready. Requested by our customers for short-term tactical usages. It is an extremely practical and compact version considering that it's only 56x35x16 mm. 24 grams and has no external elements. Internal rechargeable battery 0.5 ampere...

The tests have been completed and the new MCE series GSM bug is ready. Amazing size: 28x23x13 mm. 10 grams weight. It's so small that in some cases can go unnoticed even if it's not hidden. The 280mA internal rechargeable battery lasts 3 days in stand-by and up to 2.5 hrs live listening (transmission). Product for short and targeted tactical usages. It mounts a Pui Audio Systems microphone which returns a crystal audio and an effective reduction of environmental noises.

Accessory for the GSM bugs listening that fixes the limitation in almost all the recent smartphones: the impossibility to record the phone calls.

After careful selection, our No SIM GPS trackers have been chosen for monitoring and security puroposes in particularly inaccessible areas. This is thanks to the long lasting with small sizes and thanks to the ability to connect to all mobile networks with no priority search (TIM, Vodafone, Wind3 2G 4G). It's a feature that minimize the risk of an unlocatable device due to the lack of mobile phone coverage.

Models of the GSM VOX multi-socket bug has been expanded. Electronet is the only specialist company able to supply different models of this very popular investigative audio system with unlimited lasting.

The success and versatility of the 4G AN700S pinhole cameras with flat cable, led us to develop the new AN700S2 version. This new version is equipped with an internal 3.2 amp rechargeable battery which last up to 7 hours in continuous service. This version is mainly intended for short tactical usages. But also for this version it's possible to operate for long or unlimited periods by providing 5Vdc power from an external source.

Anti-vandalism, drug dealing, illegal dumping, monitoring of movements at gates, doors, etc. In these cases it's impossible to supply flashy, wired and complicated systems. Or, even worse, systems that lasts few hours in actual service. The priorities are small size, instant positioning, unsuspectable looking, sufficient battery life and constant video monitoring. We have developed AN700EX, an unsupectable 4G LTE Internet camera with SIM card and instant magnetic fixing measuring 85x85x43 mm. It is able to offer up to 30 hours of total videocontrolling of the monitored area (continuous video recording, motion alerts, remote live viewing and remote videorecordings viewing). The system is fully stand-alone, is IP55 waterproof and does not require WiFi networks.

Some customers who have purchased our GSM bugs have asked us if it was possible to geolocate them via BTS cells without installing the relevant App. We have therefore written a Java utility that can be found here. It does not require any installation and allows to find the area where the GSM bug is located in an extremely simple and fast way.

These devices are interesting alternatives to GSM bugs for the environmental audio live listening. Furthermore they are able to record the environmental audio and allows to listen the recordings remotely. They do not require a SIM card, so they are really discreet systems. No SMS or phone calls required. They works exclusively via the internet.

 AUGUST 2022
Secure No SIM GPS trackers are unique and successful devices. But they have a limit: the special foreign data lines they use do not support neither voice calls nor SMS. They works over the internet only. We have therefore developed this optional accessory. It is a tiny and anonymous USB voice recorder which can be connected to the RT8NS and RT8CNS trackers when it's necessary to add the environmental audio recording function to the GPS tracking function. The small size and the 40 cm. cable lenght allows to place it easily in the better places for acoustic captation.

 AUGUST 2022
WiFi micro cameras are smart, practical, simple and effective. But the correct operation is strictly related to the presence and the strenght of WiFi coverage. This tiny and universal 4G WiFi router (internal SIM Card) is only 120x55x30 mm. and has been developed for these needs. It connects the internet via 4G mobile phone networks and can handle from 1 to 7 WiFi micro-cameras located nearby. The 10 amps internal rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 days. It is also possible to mount the WiFi antenna best suited to the circumstances, thanks to the SMA connector.

 AUGUST 2022
Mobile phones are more and more used to make short on-the-fly recordings of conversations and meetings. But they are big, heavy and suspicious, so they must be hidden in pockets or bags and this makes the recordings worse. This amazing high sensitivity bluetooth microphone is really small (19x13x9 mm. weight 4.4 grams and 20 hours of battery life). It can be dressed or positioned very easily in a correct place for acoustic captation. Then the audio signal can reach via radio an Android mobile phone hidden nearby, and can be recorded. The mic sens allows to catch a conversation upt to 5 mts. and there's also a DSP filter to reduce the environmental background noises.

 JULY 2022
The new firmware NS14.2022 of the anonymous Secure NoSim GPS trackers has several improvements. Now the locator 'wake up'  after a parking period and send the motion alert to the Cloud in an avg. time of 21 seconds. It's a good goal considering that, of these 21 seconds, 15 seconds are needed for the 'handshake' (avg. time required for the registration to the mobile network and for the connection to the Cloud via internet mobile). In the new firmware we have also filed a bit the polling of the popular 'realtime 1-1.5 secs'  function, which now runs at an average of 1300 millisec./position.

Microcamera SC2 WIFI
 MAY 2022
New WQHD2048 very high resolution WiFi micro camera in magnetic waterproof box 70x40 MM. Internal rechargeable 2.5 A battery. Light sensitivity 0.005 Lux Starlight. Provided with N.A.S. function (Network Attached Storage) based on Microsoft SMB protocol, to automatically upload the video recordings to the company server or any other PC in the network. Perfect for security applications in industries and shopping centers. Wherever it is turned on and placed (as long as it is under coverage of the company WiFi network), allows live audio / video monitoring, warn of motions in the monitored area and automatically upload the video files to a N.A.S. storage, in order to allow the viewing and the management of the video recordings from any authorized workstation connected to the network.

 APRIL 2022
Needs to secretely monitor work benches, desks, archives and cash registers (money handling) is rising. This powerful and unexpected 220V LED lamp also includes a WiFi micro camera hidden inside that frames vertically. Unlimited autonomy. Audio / video live broadcasting, continuous video recording, motion alerts in App.

 APRIL 2022
A safe concealment of a microcamera is not easy and is not what can be seen in the chinese low cost products. This TP Link 2.4Ghz router is normally functional, but also includes an hidden WiFi micro camera. This unsupected router can also perform the functions of WiFi Extender and Access Point, so it is suitable not only for domestic environments but also for offices, warehouses and shops. Unlimited autonomy. Audio / video live broadcasting, continuous video recording, motion alerts in App.

 MARCH 2022
The success of the AN150 micro camera line and the requests for a small and robust outdoor video product, led us to develop the AN150SCK. IP56 waterproof (tested under rain and snow). 4.4 ampere internal battery (18 hours life). Tiny size 65x60x35 mm. Available MIL green or gray. Suitable for any outdoor covert operation and tactical video monitoring. Can be placed in a second.

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