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The new micron WiFi DVR camera 56x35x16 mm. is ready. Requested by our customers for short-term tactical usages. It is an extremely practical and compact version considering that it's only 56x35x16 mm. 24 grams and has no external elements. Internal rechargeable battery 0.5 ampere...

The tests have been completed and the new MCE series GSM bug is ready. Amazing size: 28x23x13 mm. 10 grams weight. It's so small that in some cases can go unnoticed even if it's not hidden. The 280mA internal rechargeable battery lasts 2.5 days in stand-by and 80-130 mins live listening (transmission). Product for short and targeted tactical usages. It mounts a Pui Audio Systems microphone which returns a crystal audio and an effective reduction of environmental noises.

Accessory for the GSM bugs listening that fixes the limitation in almost all the recent smartphones: the impossibility to record the phone calls.

After careful selection, our No SIM GPS trackers have been chosen for monitoring and security puroposes in particularly inaccessible areas. This is thanks to the long lasting with small sizes and thanks to the ability to connect to all mobile networks with no priority search (TIM, Vodafone, Wind3 2G 4G). It's a feature that minimize the risk of an unlocatable device due to the lack of mobile phone coverage.

Models of the GSM VOX multi-socket bug has been expanded. Electronet is the only specialist company able to supply different models of this very popular investigative audio system with unlimited lasting.

The success and versatility of the 4G AN700S pinhole cameras with flat cable, led us to develop the new AN700S2 version. This new version is equipped with an internal 3.2 amp rechargeable battery which last up to 7 hours in continuous service. This version is mainly intended for short tactical usages. But also for this version it's possible to operate for long or unlimited periods by providing 5Vdc power from an external source.

Anti-vandalism, drug dealing, illegal dumping, monitoring of movements at gates, doors, etc. In these cases it's impossible to supply flashy, wired and complicated systems. Or, even worse, systems that lasts few hours in actual service. The priorities are small size, instant positioning, unsuspectable looking, sufficient battery life and constant video monitoring. We have developed AN700EX, an unsupectable 4G LTE Internet camera with SIM card and instant magnetic fixing measuring 85x85x43 mm. It is able to offer up to 30 hours of total videocontrolling of the monitored area (continuous video recording, motion alerts, remote live viewing and remote videorecordings viewing). The system is fully stand-alone, is IP55 waterproof and does not require WiFi networks.

Some customers who have purchased our GSM bugs have asked us if it was possible to geolocate them via BTS cells without installing the relevant App. We have therefore written a Java utility that can be found here. It does not require any installation and allows to find the area where the GSM bug is located in an extremely simple and fast way.

These devices are interesting alternatives to GSM bugs for the environmental audio live listening. Furthermore they are able to record the environmental audio and allows to listen the recordings remotely. They do not require a SIM card, so they are really discreet systems. No SMS or phone calls required. They works exclusively via the internet.

 AUGUST 2022
Secure No SIM GPS trackers are unique and successful devices. But they have a limit: the special foreign data lines they use do not support neither voice calls nor SMS. They works over the internet only. We have therefore developed this optional accessory. It is a tiny and anonymous USB voice recorder which can be connected to the RT8NS and RT8CNS trackers when it's necessary to add the environmental audio recording function to the GPS tracking function. The small size and the 40 cm. cable lenght allows to place it easily in the better places for acoustic captation.

 AUGUST 2022
WiFi micro cameras are smart, practical, simple and effective. But the correct operation is strictly related to the presence and the strenght of WiFi coverage. This tiny and universal 4G WiFi router (internal SIM Card) is only 120x55x30 mm. and has been developed for these needs. It connects the internet via 4G mobile phone networks and can handle from 1 to 7 WiFi micro-cameras located nearby. The 10 amps internal rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 days. It is also possible to mount the WiFi antenna best suited to the circumstances, thanks to the SMA connector.

 AUGUST 2022
Mobile phones are more and more used to make short on-the-fly recordings of conversations and meetings. But they are big, heavy and suspicious, so they must be hidden in pockets or bags and this makes the recordings worse. This amazing high sensitivity bluetooth microphone is really small (19x13x9 mm. weight 4.4 grams and 20 hours of battery life). It can be dressed or positioned very easily in a correct place for acoustic captation. Then the audio signal can reach via radio an Android mobile phone hidden nearby, and can be recorded. The mic sens allows to catch a conversation upt to 5 mts. and there's also a DSP filter to reduce the environmental background noises.

 JULY 2022
The new firmware NS14.2022 of the anonymous Secure NoSim GPS trackers has several improvements. Now the locator 'wake up'  after a parking period and send the motion alert to the Cloud in an avg. time of 21 seconds. It's a good goal considering that, of these 21 seconds, 15 seconds are needed for the 'handshake' (avg. time required for the registration to the mobile network and for the connection to the Cloud via internet mobile). In the new firmware we have also filed a bit the polling of the popular 'realtime 1-1.5 secs'  function, which now runs at an average of 1300 millisec./position.

Microcamera SC2 WIFI
 MAY 2022
New WQHD2048 very high resolution WiFi micro camera in magnetic waterproof box 70x40 MM. Internal rechargeable 2.5 A battery. Light sensitivity 0.005 Lux Starlight. Provided with N.A.S. function (Network Attached Storage) based on Microsoft SMB protocol, to automatically upload the video recordings to the company server or any other PC in the network. Perfect for security applications in industries and shopping centers. Wherever it is turned on and placed (as long as it is under coverage of the company WiFi network), allows live audio / video monitoring, warn of motions in the monitored area and automatically upload the video files to a N.A.S. storage, in order to allow the viewing and the management of the video recordings from any authorized workstation connected to the network.

 APRIL 2022
Needs to secretely monitor work benches, desks, archives and cash registers (money handling) is rising. This powerful and unexpected 220V LED lamp also includes a WiFi micro camera hidden inside that frames vertically. Unlimited autonomy. Audio / video live broadcasting, continuous video recording, motion alerts in App.

 APRIL 2022
A safe concealment of a microcamera is not easy and is not what can be seen in the chinese low cost products. This TP Link 2.4Ghz router is normally functional, but also includes an hidden WiFi micro camera. This unsupected router can also perform the functions of WiFi Extender and Access Point, so it is suitable not only for domestic environments but also for offices, warehouses and shops. Unlimited autonomy. Audio / video live broadcasting, continuous video recording, motion alerts in App.

 MARCH 2022
The success of the AN150 micro camera line and the requests for a small and robust outdoor video product, led us to develop the AN150SCK. IP56 waterproof (tested under rain and snow). 4.4 ampere internal battery (18 hours life). Tiny size 65x60x35 mm. Available MIL green or gray. Suitable for any outdoor covert operation and tactical video monitoring. Can be placed in a second.

Thanks to the avg. speed increase of 4G LTE networks promoted by the dismission of 3G networks, the live video broadcasting with resolutions higher than Full HD 1080 is finally becoming possible. This is a key feature for surveillance and investigations, where the recognition of a human face or a veichle plate often makes the difference between success or failure of the control activity. We have developed a pioneering news for 4G LTE micro cameras AN700 and AN155 with internal SIM card: the video broadcasting and recording is now in very high resolution Quad WQHD 2K. Now the image quality of a tiny live streaming 4G camera with SIM card is really close to the Ultra HD TV level. The light response of these new chipsets is also exceptional, similar as a Starlight camera: 0.001 Lux.

Fuel theft from trucks and theft of transported material are constantly increasing. This WiFi video system has an IP55 waterproof micro camera of only 9x9 mm. mounted on a special magnetic and foldable support. The system also include a powerful 32 amp rechargeable battery. The battery life is about 160 hours (almost a week). System designed for covert outdoor installations on trucks, tractors and trailers for checking fuel theft, theft of transported material, unauthorized transport, improper use of the vehicle, vandalism and other illegal activities.

This wall clock is normally working and unsuspectable. Inside there are also a Full HD 1080 video module, a 4G LTE modem (Sim Card) and a 20 ampere rechargeable battery which allows 40-42 hrs. of continuous operation (videorecording, realtime motion alerts, remote live viewing and listening, remote viewing of videorecordings stored in the internal memory). The higlight of the system is in the internal SIM card and in the Internet connection directly on 4G mobile networks, therefore without having to connect to local WiFi networks, hotspots, tethering or Access Points. This makes it immediately operational almost anywhere within few seconds. Extraordinary product our exclusive.

 AUGUST 2021
Customers often says that we have special products unobtainable elsewhere. This new tiny device is probably a confirmation. It took two months of research and development employing components imported from 3 continents, including one of the smallest triple constellation GPS GNSS receivers and a new Samsung DSP processor. Size is only 51x25x16 mm. and weight is 40 grams. It performs a double innovative function: records audio with 192Kbps 48KHz rate and simultaneously records also the GPS route. In practice, after having get it back, is possible to discover not only everything that was said inside a vehicle but also where it was, where it stopped, the duration of parkings and all the trips with dates and times. The device offers one of the most requested guarantees: the anonymity. In fact, both the audio recorder section and the GPS route recorder section are undetectable to bug sweepers (they do not transmit anything) and do not register to any network. Nothing inside and outside allows to identify the owner. The battery life is also an highlight considering the size. The device self-activates when the vehicle is travelling and offers 1 month in stand-by and 35 hours of recordings. It means that if a vehicle travels for an average of two hours per day, the device records audio + GPS routes for about 13-15 days before turning off.

 JULY 2021
Versatile dual mode WiFi microcamera: continuous operation or activated by a micro IR sensor that detects people movements. Extremely powerful 32 amps rechargeable battery. Battery life up to 160 hours of camera activations or up to 6 years in stand-by. Audio / video live broadcasting with no distance limits, continuous video recording, remote motion alerts and remote viewing of video recordings saved in the internal memory. Low light sensitivity 0.2 Lux. Micro-camera waterproof to splashes and humidity. Extraordinary for diversified video controls indoors, outdoors and from vehicles...

 JUNE 2021
High-end VOR voice-activated WiFi recorder, hidden in a normally working 220V power strip. Record continuously and generate an audio file every 15 minutes. Automatically upload the recording files via Internet to Cloud Google Drive for immediate download and listening. Six different settings can be managed remotely via the Internet. Sophisticated and powerful device our exclusive.

 JUNE 2021
New 4G LTE Internet camera with internal SIM card. Perfect for covert installations in many different situations thanks to the micro camera of 9x9 mm. (1 mm. pinhole only), mounted on a flat cable of about 22 cm. Totally autonomous thanks to the internal 4G LTE modem and internal SIM card: it doesn't require any connection to a WiFi network, Hotspot, Access Point or ADSL line. Also suitable for covert installations inside cars. Audio / video live broadcasting with no distance limits, continuous video recording, remote motion alerts and remote viewing of video recordings saved in the internal memory. It can also be equipped on demand with a very interesting optional: an internal 'mini-router' additional card, suitable to connect up to 6 WiFi micro-cameras in the surroundings and therefore to have a fully preconfigured and autonomous micro-camera network with ultra-fast positioning. Powerful investigative device our exclusive.

 JUNE 2021
The 220V multi-socket with GSM bug is one of the most requested concealments. 220V multi-sockets are common in homes, offices, shops and warehouses. Therefore are an easy 'trojan horse' in many cases. We have therefore added the compact model 'BTicino Poker' with 4 longitudinal sockets and lightning protection system. Really unsuspectable investigative device because it's hidden into one of the best selling multi-sockets in Italy. Quality 100% Made in Italy: 220V multi-socket made in Varese by BTicino and equipped by our lab with a GSM VOX bug developed and produced in Italy. Unlimited autonomy because it is powered by the mains.

 MAY 2021
New SpyPhone App for Android phones with high professional features. Product not on the market, derived from the trojans used by law enforcement agencies. Many powerful and exclusive features, eg. the spectacular hidden audio / video live broadcasting from the monitored mobile phone. Antivirus proof. Low level protected against uninstallation. Reserved product: info and supply at our headquarter.

 MAY 2021
R & D of new, safe and unsuspectable concealments of investigative technologies goes on. The latest born is this useful and modern desk organizer for offices, shops, studios, warehouses and homes. Also equipped with active 5Vcc. 3x1A USB sockets and mobile phone holder. Inside there's also a GSM VOX bug. Unlimited lasting. Powerful and clear audio. 100% unsuspectable even with an external careful inspection.

 APRIL 2021
Investigative technologies are no longer rare and mysterious devices: people are aware of their existence, their appearance and their potential. The demand for new, effective, well-done and unsuspectable concealments is therefore growing. The 20 amp power bank is fully functional and normally usable. It can be used regularly to recharge mobile phones or to power other devices. But inside there is also a GSM VOX bug with an extraordinary long lasting: up to 200 hours of listening (transmission) and 1.5 years in stand-by. No holes or modifications are visible on the outside, even with an external careful inspection. An extremely powerful, effective and unsuspectable investigative device. It can also be used by a person unaware of its secret audio function without generating suspicion. It works indefinitely as long as the battery is recharged when it is discharged because of the normal use of the power bank.

GSM audio version: click here.

Also available in a powerful GPS/GSM version: click here.

Stakeouts and investigative monitoring increasingly require adequate video technologies to avoid the physical presence of an operator on the spot. Operators are nowadays at very high risk to be noticed. The last born of our Internet camera series is this powerful and tiny 4G LTE with high-quality full HD video. Internal 4G LTE modem and internal SIM card avoid connections to a local WiFi network or to a landline, making this camera easy to place everywhere (eg. in a car). 90x55x23 mm. Audio / video live broadcasting, continuous or motion detection video recording (Full HD 1080 H264 standard), motion alert in App, listening mic, remote viewing of video recordings in memory, interchangeable lenses. P2P Internet connection. Wide range power supply from 3.7 to 12Vdc. Excellent light sensitivity even at night with very low ambient lighting.

Video demo 'quick reports' (Android App GpWeb 1.3 2021 for RT8 GPS trackers).   

Preview 9:16 format.
 In Youtube please set the max. resolution available.
  JANUARY 2021
The new release 1.3 2021 of the GpWeb App is avaliable. GpWeb is a powerful Android App to manage and track the RT8 GPS trackers. The most important news is a fast and modern function to see the daily reports in App, with a spectacular dynamic replay of the trips and many other functions useful for examining the movements of the vehichle (see video demo on Youtube). Several improvements have also been made to make the App faster and smart. GpWeb update 1.3 2021 for Android can be downloaded from the link provided in the RT8 user manual.

New items with hidden GSM bugs. The interesting power bank with 15 amps battery (very long lasting). Furthermore Olivetti Logos desk calculator 220V. and PC monitor 220V. with unlimited lasting (perfect to control office environments). As usual all the installations are made craftsmanship.

The new Full HD 1080 WiFi camera is truly an all-rounder object, useful in a thousand investigative activities. Anti-theft in supermarkets and shopping centers. Investigations on thefts, unauthorized access to environments. Investigations on harmful toxic waste. Investigations on drug. Monitoring of risk areas (public parks, squares, streets). Visual checks before break-ins. Hidden in a vehicle allows discreet surveillance of entrances and exits from public places, gates, gardens, doors. Investigations on sabotages and vandalisms. Double wireless link mode: WiFi Direct for proximity operations + Internet camera P2P for unlimited range operations. Fully compatible with the 'Hotspot' function of any Android phone, to make it a real Internet Camera with no range limits in the simplest, quickly and economical way. Dimensions 90x55x22 mm. Internal 5 ampere rechargeable battery for about 20 hours of continuous operation. Possibility of external power supply for unlimited operation. Another key feature is the very good light sensitivity in low light environments (0.05 Lux). Offers live audio / video broadcasting, continuous video recording and motion detection video recording, motion alerts in App, remote viewing and downloading of video recordings...

News in the voice recorders area. REC20VB is mainly a tiny VOR recorder with a very long lasting (audio recorded at high quality 192Kbps 48KHz ADCPM WAV). But REC20VB also includes a world-unique AUX function: the proximity Bluetooth audio broadcasting. When there are voices / noises in the environment, REC20VB not only records the environmental audio but also transmits the audio via Bluetooth. Listening can be performed within a short distance in an extremely simple and discreet way, by using any Android mobile phone. This function allows to listen in real time (similarly to a common 'radio bug') giving to REC20VB an innovative potential.

News in the voice recorders area for those looking for small size and top audio quality. Size mm. 50x23x13, VOR voice trigger, date and time stamp in the files. Very high audio quality: 384 Kbps 48KHz WAV format ADCPM (4 bit). Internal memory and processor Samsung. Long lasting: one month in stand-by and 60 hours audio recording.

 AUGUST 2020 
2020 updates to the Android Gpweb and Gpsms apps are ready. The updates are recommended only for those who have encountered problems on some very recent Samsung and Xiaomi mobile phones with Android 10 (now both Apps are fully optimized for Android 10). Also made small improvements to the 'Reach' function and the 'Virtual Travel'  function of the GpWeb App. Finally, a bug that could sometimes lock the automatic scrolling of the Gpsms App map in Android 10 has been fixed. The updates can be downloaded from the links provided in the user manuals. In some Android 10 the operating system may see the GpWeb update as new installation: this is normal because a couple of internal core libraries have been changed for Android 10. In case of difficulty please contact us.

 AUGUST 2020 
An exclusive cool tecnology for a GPS Web platform. Those who use GPS trackers well knows how important alerts are. First of all the key notification of vehicle started after parking. But also the notifications of vehicle in parking, stationary, moving, restarted from a short stop, entered / exited from geofence, the speed alerts, etc. The new 8088 2020 Web platform for GPS trackers, online since a couple of days, has some news and improvements. The most exclusive news is the possibility to receive the vehicle alerts not only through the classic channels (in App and via Email) but also through TELEGRAM messages in a special chat. The new Telegram alerts are not only free, modern and highly confidential, but also extremely fast. This service only works on the new GPS 8088 2020 Web platform.

 JULY 2020 

Looks like a smartwatch to connect via bluetooth to a nearby mobile phone, but it's a fully featured and stand-alone Android system with our App pre-installed. Just press a side button 3 times and it sends an alarm via SMS (with the GPS position), starts recording audio and video, transmits audio / video live via the Internet. Requires a nano SIM card. Perfect for personal safety, work teams, rescue teams and covert activities. The product is available on request ...

 JUNE 2020 

The GSM bugs MCE series now have the new MCE4L version with 2.4 amps rechargeable lithium aluminum battery for military and biomedical use. The microphone is a Knowles acoustics WP series. 20-24 hours of transmission and 3 months in stand-by are reached with an ultra-compact size. A unique device on the investigative electronics market in terms of size and performance.

 MAY 2020 

What to do when you need to quickly activate a covert video surveillance system via Internet but WiFi or ADSL landline are not available nearby? The solution is our HD155. Just insert a SIM card inside the box, place it under 4G LTE signal coverage and power it. Then you'll get direct live video, realtime motion detection alerts and continuous video recording on microSD card resolution HD 1080 (with the possibility to view and download the video recordings remotely). Everything via Internet without distance limits on any mobile phone or tablet. HD155 can also be installed outdoors thanks to the IP56 waterproof seal.

 APRIL 2020 

A really smart 24 hours briefcase requested by a customer of ours. With ultra thin GPS tracker (7 mm. thickness only) to sistematically track any movement and to recover the briefcase in case of theft or loss. There is also the dual audio function: environmental live listening (with phone call) and VOR activated audio recording with a very long lasting. Finally, there's an alarm function via SMS as soon as the briefcase is touched. Everything is perfectly hidden in a false back. For work, travelling, valuable transportation, artworks...

 MARCH 2020

Coronavirus is hitting hard also the economy. Our internal jobs continue. Our e-commerce structure has been further refined. Most of our suppliers and some of our customers are classified as strategic activities so they are at work. To improve the internal delivery services we have added Bartolini courier to SDA and UPS couriers. All internal shipments with SDA and Bartolini couriers are free of charge, even for the Entry Line products. In parallel we are carrying out new projects and solutions. We are also thinking about new effective and competitive services and new strategic cooperations. Because when we'll get through this tragedy, probably there will be a stronger need to investigate, discover and decide. Finally, we are providing free technical support to the local law enforcements.

In 22 years of activity, politics has never mentioned in our arguments. Now the time has come to join the growing aversion against the european community. For year Europe has been suspected to cause poverty, bureaucracy, taxes and national selfishness to the benefit of few. It is no coincidence that one of the most important nations in the world, England, has just left the European community tired of this situation. But no one would never have imagined an european community so useless, confused and mean a moment of economic and social needs such as to have similarities with a global war. Don't give up and look forward. Italy always made it through and will get through this.


New arrival in our No SIM GPS trackers: RT8HSNS is a new microbial No SIM device specific for permanent installation inside the vehicle with 12Vdc power supply. The really small size makes it suitable for installation in the most hidden and safe parts of the vehicle, even in extremely small spaces.


For some time customers have asked for a tiny operations center to automatically call the GPS bug RT8HS and to automatically record the environmental audio (without therefore needing to manually manage the calls and to constantly monitor the calling system). We have developed the automated mini operating center 'Autocaller 1.1'  for Android, with intelligent automatic callback in case of line drop. Details click here...


Our RT8UNS (currently the smallest No SIM realtime GPS tracker in the world) now available in a new and amazing version with 1100mA battery. The old version with 550mA battery is still available. By using special Lithium-Aluminum batteries for military and biomedical use, we have been able to get a doubling of the autonomy with minimum increase of size and weight. Compared to the 550mA version, the new 1100mA version has the same length, a width of only 2.5 mm. more and a thickness of only 3 mm. more. A major goal of research and development for a device with exclusive features and performances.


All our Secure No SIM trackers are now available with a new credit top up option. The old "all inclusive" mode is still available for those who foresee a frequent or continuous usage of the tracker. The new credit top up option is suitable for those who foresee a discontinuos usage of the tracker and wish to save money on the purchasing cost. We also include 3 months of starting credit for free.


Long lasting audio recording is definitively the queen of the intelligence devices. The audio recording for long periods is often decisive in many investigative cases. This 220V multi-socket is fully functional and normally usable. But inside there's also a VOR (voice-activated) USB audio recorder, capable of 150 hours of recording and unlimited stand-by. If in an environment there are voices or noises on average for 5 hours a day, this device ensure one month of full audio control. Also interesting is the presence of an internal 700mA back-up battery: this battery ensure the recording for some days also without 220V external power supply.


Tiny video recorder 35x35x8 mm. 18 grams. Full HD video quality 1920x1080 pixels 30 frames / sec. 12000Kbps. Suitable to be placed temporarly for catching passwords typed on mobile phones or tablets, PC screens, money handling and other investigative purposes...


Requested by our best professional customers. It's the new and powerful GPS RT8 micron dual audio tracking system, developed for fixed installation inside the vehicle with 12Vdc power supply. But works also with any 3.7V LiPo rechargeable battery. In addition to the usual GPS tracking functions of any RT8, this tiny system allows live audio listening and automatic recording of every sound, voice or noise up to 150 hours (2.5 months of recordings assuming that the vehicle travels two hours a day avg.). Recording files can be downloaded via USB cable.


Mobile phone networks are more and more diversified on numerous bands with very different features concerning radio propagation and power. Quality and specializazion are becoming very important also in the jamming market. We have signed an agreement with a jammer manufacturer, for the supply of high quality customizable devices up to 12 bands (12 antennas).

European Community directive 89/336/CE prohibits the free use of jammers. In Italy the use of a jammer could violate artt. 340 and 617 of the C.P. Therefore these products are available for foreign countries, for law enforcement agencies, military and other authorized. The customizable jammers are not at stock: availability 3-5 days. Payment in advance required.

Bands available: LOJACK 1: 167-175 MHz. LOJACK 2: 315 Mhz. LOJACK 3: 433 MHz. LOJACK 4: 868 MHz. Band 20: 790-821 Mhz. CDMA e GSM band 8: 850-960 MHz. DCS and PCS band 3: 1805-1990 MHz. 3G band 1: 2110-2170 MHz. GPS + Beidou + Glonass band L1: 1570-1580 MHz. WiFi networks: 2400-2500 MHz. LTE LOW America: 725-770 MHz. LTE MID Europe: 790-826 MHz. 4G Wimax America: 2345-2400 MHz. 4G Wimax Europe: 2496-2690 MHz. LTE band L downlink Italy: 1452-1492 Mhz. GPS Military bands L2 and L5: 1170-1230 MHz (precise acquistion <1mt.).

Main features.
Handheld jammers (battery, 12V. and 220V.) up to 12 bands, 6 watts and 30 meters range. Max. battery life 2.5 hrs.
Fixed jammers (220V. only) up to 12 bands, 30 watts and 50 meters range.

 JUNE 2019

MCER192 combines in a single system all the power of the GSM bug code MCE4V (to see the features of the GSM microphones series MCE click here) and an excellent USB micro voice recorder 192Kbps .WAV 150 hours of recordings. The GSM bug is automatically activated when sounds, voices or noises occur in the environment (VOR system). Afterwards the GSM bug immediately sends an SMS alert, activates the audio recording and allows to live-listen in the environment remotely. To live-listen just call the phone number of the SIM card inserted in the GSM bug. The battery life of the system is very interesting. Also interesting is that the two components (GSM bug and micro-recorder) can be disconnected and used separately...

 MAY 2019

RT8HS combines in a single system all the power of the RT8 GPS trackers and the MCE GSM audio bugs in a single device of 33x36x14mm. 33 grams only. Can be installed permanently in the vehicle with 12Vdc battery (direct power supply). Knowles USA high-quality microphone. The tiny dimensions make RT8HS perfect for installations even in the very small spaces of the ceiling coverings, courtesy lights, windshield uprights, small spaces and inserts, etc. for exceptional sound quality, secure concealment and GPS satellite tracking service guaranteed by the features the RT8 series. All RT8 trackers also have the anti-sweeping function. This device requires a SIM card not included.

 APRIL 2019

RT8UNS. News in RT8 GPS tracker series. A tiny realtime device only mm. 35x33x16, 550mA battery and no SIM card. The highest miniaturization and the absence of an accessible SIM card makes this locator the best for cases where discretion is a must. Anti-sweeping function.

REC50A. Apparently a power supply charger, normally working to recharge the battery of any cellphone with micro USB and/or C type socket. In fact, it also hides a sophisticated two-level environmental listening system: 1) Live Listening (the function of the classic "GSM bug"). 2) Continuous audio recording with Cloud Recorder function: every 20 minutes of recording the system connects to the Internet on WiFi/4G networks (via internal SIM card, it does not require WiFi) and automatically sends the audio file to cloud Google Drive or Dropbox on your choice. This put the recordings safe. But Cloud function it's mainly to allow to listen the recordings immediately and remotely, without having to wait the end of the job. REC50A allows almost a live listening but avoids the typical limit of GSM bugs: having to be always at the phone for hours and hours. The continuous recording and the automatic sending of the files to the Cloud every 20 minutes allows a complete audio control (high quality recordings available almost in real time, without making very long phone calls). Details...


RT8 GPS locator without SIM (simless) are available. They are equipped with new and integrated multi-operator foreign e-chips. They are microbe chips inside and drowned in the resin-glass, invisible from the outside and not accessible even after disassembly without destroying them. No limit of sent positions. No personal data required. WEB platform included without monthly/yearly fees. Data traffic included. Always ready to use. No SIM management charged to customers.

   JULY 2018

AN15. The V.I.S. WiFi/4G microcameras with internal SIM card now has a tiny version of 50x38x23 mm. weight 52 grams. Internal rechargeable battery 2.5 amps. The new micron version is supplied with a magnet for quick and covert tasks, GPS tracking service and a 2.5 ampere rechargeable internal battery. Interesting battery life considering size and functions: in stand-by (all the services not active) the battery life is about 13 days. If you activate only the GPS tracking service, the battery life is about 3.5 days (position update every 10 seconds). With all the services ON (continuous video recording + motion alert sensor + continuos GPS tracking + some short audio/video live transmissions) the battery life is 10 hrs about. A device that seems to come from the future. Details:  V.I.S. AN15 micron.

 JUNE 2018
After 3 months of development is ready REC50 'CLOUD recorder', probably the most evolved miniature audio recorder. MM. 55x38x25 48 grams with magnet and rechargeable battery 2.5 amps. The advantages compared to a traditional audio microrecorder are revolutionary. It connects to mobile networks with internal SIM card (no WiFi). With simple SMS you enable/disable the audio recording remotely. As soon as the recording is turned off the file is automatically and safely sent to the Cloud, to allow remote listening and/or downloading. Moreover, this recorder is also a GPS tracker (via simple SMS or on a WEB platform). Finally REC50 also allows live-listening like a GSM bug (even with a recording in progress). Excellent sound quality and sensitivity both in rooms and in vehicles. A special audio filter give good results even in moderately noisy outdoor environments. Details:  REC50.


MAY 2018

The RT8M GPS locator switches from the old 10 ampere battery to a new 12.2 ampere battery, further improving the size/autonomy ratio. In just mm. 119X55X30 RT8M is now able to reach 2 years of battery life in stand-by and 5 months of battery life in daily usage (energy profile n. 4 and one hour of trips per day). Battery life is also interesting in the special "cyclic" energy profile, which automatically turn the tracker ON and sends the position at predefined time intervals. Assuming one position per day, the battery life of RT8M can now reach 1.4 years. The cyclic profile is very useful for the systematic control over very long periods of motorboat and boats in river or lake areas, cointainers, rolling stocks, high value mobile machineries, etc. 


It was June 1998 when the first Web pages of our site were published. The time to adapt our website to smartphones and tablets has come. Smartphones and tablets have recently exceeded PCs to surf the Internet. A job started from some key pages, but will gradually extended to the whole site. We'll do our best. The same sober and practical style of the old version will be kept, based more on contents, speed and safety. Sorry for any inconvenience in browsing.


To meet the needs of all we are enlarging the area "commercial products and offers" with a selection of semi-professional devices. We'll avoid ultra-low-cost devices (they really lacks reliability and durability) concentrating on semi-professional devices that have passed our internal lab tests.  


GPS trackers? They look like prehistoric if compared to the system manufactured few days ago. Maybe it will really become a long way, taking into consideration how much technology runs. The future evolution is in the new AN70 VIS, a 3g/4g module of only 45x35x8 mm 19 grams with SIM card (NO WIFI), external pinhole camera of 7x7 mm, MicroSD card and GPS receiver. 
1) Audio/video live transmission from the device with high resolution 640x480 15-20 FPS, also viewable on smartphones or tablets. 
2) Continouos video recording H24 (video + audio) MPEG4 on MicroSD 32GB, with the possibility to see and/or download remote video recordings also on smartphones or tablets. 
3) GPS tracker H24 with polling (position update) of 10 seconds, viewable on our WEB/GPS platform also woth smartphone or tablets.
4) Audio listening only (without video) as an alternative to live audio/video broadcasting. 
5) Luminance sensitivity of the Microcamera: 0.2 Lux. It also works in the semi-darkness. 
6) Double movement alert (digital video + satellite GPS system) via SMS push or via Gmail, then immediate. 
7) Additional alert of entry/exit from certain areas (geofence system). 
8) Detailed history movements with analyses of stops, paths, graphs, etc. 
9) The AN70 is directly powered by the 12v battery of the vehicle and is easily conceyable, since it's really small.  Everything works at any distance, requires no external WiFi (SIM card inside) and is totally controllable remotely even with smartphones or tablets. In case of problems we have planned the emergency restart via SMS and the automatic restart every 24 hours.  If there is no 3g signal but only the old 2g GSM signal? The system keeps all functions except live audio/video. And when there's no signal at all? The system continues to record video and store locations. Then sends the postions to the WEB platform and give access to recorded videos as soon as it comes back to WiFi/4G signal coverage.  



The "online" status of WhatsApp users is one of the most popular controls. You can disable the last logon, but not the 'Online' status. Checking if a WhatsApp user is online is certainly not illegal. So appeared in the Google Play various apps to track the "online" status of users. But at the practical use are only half-scams, full of negative reviews, instability and publicity. We have tried 3 of these Apps and we are  surprised that Google leaves these scams in its Google Play Store. We then wrote the simple App "Wamonitor" (currently beta tester). Until WhatsApp changes the management of "online" status, Wamonitor does exactly what expected. The event is notified and logged into a LOG text file (saved in the internal memory). There is also the possibility of differentiated acoustic alerts as soon as the monitored user is found online. The App is reserved for our customers. It does not require root and should be used in an Android 5.1 or higher (only a device not used to make/receive normal calls and/or normal messages because our App must work without interferences). 


Ready the new release 1.4 of the GPSMS Android App for GPS tracking based on SMS. Various innovations and functions. Improved the speed of the 'navigate-to-target' function. Expanded the number of vehicles that can be controlled, up to 10 units. Also extended compatibility to Android 7-8. Enhanced the management of history. Fixed some minor bugs. Created a detailed user manual in Italian, English, Portogues and Spanish. A really useful App, unique on the European market for functions and features, but easy to use at the same time.


The new WEB platform version 2018 for GPS tracking via the Internet is online and 100% working. Various news and functions, improved speed, security and graphics. Expanded the availability of features and options on mobile devices (now the navigation tracks and most of the options available from PC are also available on any mobile device). The old platform will remain active one more year. A very good product, top professional but at the same time also easy to use.  


Considering the increased needs concerning vandalism and video controls from vehicles, we have standardized the solution in a easy to use system. The standards are at professional level. Video recording module on MicroSD card H264 75x55mm. Available in version 640x480 HQ 30fps 32gb for about 3 days of continuous video recording and overwrite old files (recommended for most uses). Optional version 1920x720 30fps high-res 128gb for about 30 hours of continuous video recording and overwriting old files. The microcamera (pre-wired and pre-set ready to use) is an ultra professional SONY CCD FULL DIGITAL OSD Starlight III 0.00005 Lux 800 TV lines (no clone or old generation). This little camera is really able to see even in the almost total darkness with no need of infrared illuminator. The monitorable area is about 150 degrees horizontal view.


JULY 2017

Close agreements with foreign operators to supply the SIM card for our GPS trackers in case you need the maximum level of privacy and a system immediately ready to use. Sims are 100% legal and regularly active in Italy as they are recognized in roaming by all the Italian mobile operators. They are foreign operators that do not require personal data for activation. For sale only at our head offices together with GSM or 3g devices purchased from us.

MAY 2017
Concealment of intelligence devices. About the latest creations: a bag with hidden GSM bug and BTS cell locator inside. Thermofused into the internal base made of acrylic sponge,  under the lining. Impossible to detect to the touch.   


MAY 2017
The offices for customers were  transferred to Via Giardini Sud 261 (building on the left) 41028 Serramazzoni (Modena). This is a more central and functional location than the previous one, also equipped with secondary laboratory for quick assistance and other urgent activities. The final seat is planned by 2018 (in all probability Maranello/Fiorano area or Modena Sud highway exit).


APRIL 2017

Even our GSM microphones now have a dedicated Android App. With this App you can manage up to 5 GSM microphones in a very simple and practical way. You can call GSM microphones with just one touch, quickly send configurations and settings, etc. Among the main functions the automatic display on the map of the position of the BTS cell to which the GSM microphone is connected, with max. coverage radius of the cell on the area (therefore the margin of max. error of the position). There is also the history function of all messages received by GSM microphones and of all the positions of the BTS cells. It is possible to have a real tracking based on BTS cells. Finally, the "auto-call" and "Autoanswer" functions: The App can automatically call the GSM microphone as soon as it receives a SMS alert (sounds/voices/noises), or it can auto-answer to an incoming call from the GSM microphone. These last functions are perfect in case of automatic recording of calls, listening while driving, etc. Starting from Android v.8 there are evidences that Google will fire all the auto-answer API for security reasons (probably will be possible on rooted devices only).


MARCH 2017

Finally ready: it's the release 1.2 of our Android GPSMS App for the GPS trackers management via SMS. Many news if compared to the first beta 1.1. A powerful feature of elaboration of history with printable positions list for each day and 'replay function' on a two-level map (only the parkings or the full trip). Two new screenshots dedicated to the quick sending of commands via SMS for the configuration of our RT8 GPS trackers. A new integrated map is added to the existing two external (Google Base and Google path). In the new integrated map each position has its own color (red = parking, yellow = freeze, green = moving), has the full address (city, street, etc.) and has the vehicle name/number on the top. In each screen of the integrated map (also that of the history reports) has been added the button "DRIVE TO" with double possibility of driving (only the path or full navigation). Also the "Street" button has been added, to see the Street View of a location with a simple and quick touch.



New service Android Tracking service. Unlike similar services, this service is based on an icon-free App, invisible to the user, totally inaccessible and fully automatic in the background.Therefore a professional alternative to Google geolocation services, Cerberus and similar (clearly visible and therefore also easily uninstalled or even modifiable by the user). However, it is not a "spyphone" software because it only offers the GPS tracking service. It is therefore a professional solution for companies that need to monitor the position of their external workers for logistical, productive purposes, etc. (after notification that the company peripherals are subject to localization). Just think of the many companies that provide business tablets to their employees in maintenance, installations, representations, transport, etc. Positions can be viewed from any PC or smartphone on a featured website, with the possibility of history and detailed reports. But, in addition to the invisibility of the App and the historical functions of excellent level, probably the most innovative and professional aspect is that for more than 10 users we can provide a dedicated Web Server entirely and exclusively reserved for the customer. The fee is annual renewable and includes assistance.  Note. All these apps can't work if the GPS is deactivated in Android! Starting with version 4, the security levels of Android no longer allow any App to automatically switch ON the GPS receiver (unless the device is rooted). So this is a service suitable for mobile phones or tablets in which the GPS is often (or always) active.



Soon the powerful Cayman junctions detector with 3-level discriminator will be available, also useful for car sweepings. It will be added to the set of instruments already available for second-level sweeping services including 3 radio bug detectors, digital frequency meter, two 1-5.8 GHz/2-2.7 GHz video scanners, two portable monitors, one portable PC, one 6-radio range Jammer, two Optical probes + mirror set, micro-camera detector, 220v-powered radio or GSM bug detector wired on electric line, radio micro-signal detector on analogue telephone lines, ultrasonic and infrared transmission detector, set of 10 directional/omnidirectional radio antennas, laser for microcamera lenses, radioscanner and other equipment. To finish a small device oriented to the vehicular control for the detection of GSM burst transmissions 900-1800mhz and 3g spread spectrum 2100MHz. This tool is interconnected to PC with related analysis software, it has the internal events memory, the time graph in dBm of the detected transmissions (on display or on PC), the jammers detection mode. There is also the detection mode for digital transmissions in 2.4 or 5.8 GHz range and the SMS detection mode (transmitted or received e.g. SMS of GPS trackers). All our sweeping services are not based only on instrumental controls but also include visual inspection carried out according to experience at risk points.



The Internet camera VIS AN30 and AN50 are now equipped with a new function to activate/deactivate the video service via simple SMS remotely. 
The news of being able to switch off remotely the video service when not needed (stand-by) allows a major increase of battery lasting and a very useful manageability: up to 12-15 days of lasting version 5 Ampere AN30, up to 25-30 days of lasting version 10 Ampere AN50 and up to 40-45 days of lasting special versions personalized 15 amperes or special versions personalized with alkaline torch D size batteries.  In stand-by the device remains always active and always connected to the mobile phone network WiFi/4G. Even in stand-by it is always possible to carry out the live listening (GSM audio-only - bug function). The software update for already sold Internet Cameras is free of charge except the shipping costs.  



Interesting news for GPS tracking: Beta available for the new Android App GPSMS (GPS trackers mangement via SMS). It is a specific App for SMS communication way and works with SMS only. Innovative and very automated architecture in the background, to reduce driving distractions and easy-to-use (only 6 buttons). But it is also a  powerful App as it interfaces with the famous Google Maps (with Sat, Hybrid, Traffic, Streetview, Navigator, Timeline, Earth, etc.). With more than 1.2 billion users, Google Maps and Google Navigator are probably the most effective and familiar digital map system in the world. Two operating modes: 'Solo Map' and 'Navigation to target'. Each SMS received from the target containing a GPS location is automatically processed and becomes a point on Google Maps or a destination on Google Navigator. Without any need to interact with the Android device. As soon as a next position is reached, everything is automatically updated/recalculated. At the moment the App is a beta then it is not in the catalog and is installed in our head offices on the customer's Smarphone or tablet. Requires min. Android 4.1.2 Mobile or tablet. Remember that Google maps tiles can also be downloaded in device memory and used offline, to have speed and reliability even in areas with little or none 3G signal (ref. menu "Offline areas" in Google Maps).  



New in the functions of GPS/GSM RT8 trackers. Introduced a new query via SMS that immediately sends all the places of the parking of a given day.  The new function read the internal memory of the GPS tracker (before accessible only through a special download) and sends an SMS to the user for each parking during the day under examination.  Every SMS sent by the tracker includes place of parking and time of stop/departure to evaluate the duration. The next SMS shows the next parking, etc. Very easy-to-use function to reconstruct and examine the movements at any time, anywhere and in an immediate way. Valuable in case situations such as absence of GSM signals, problems of phone credit, use of the tracker without SIM inserted, control panel deactivated and others. Also suitable in cases of controlling device lost, stolen or damaged and/or history data erased by error. Powerful for drafting reports on parking areas and parking durations with extreme ease, to examine the places of the stops on-site, to provide documentary elements, to acquire data to be examined later or to be transmitted quickly to third parties (eg. employees in head office).



NewS for Web tracking services: after the server n. 1, our server n. 2 is also online for the web tracking of our GPS/GSM devices. This new second server (address 121,125) is dedicated to business customers with min. 5 GPS trackers to be monitored.



New Product. AIS 3G Audio Intelligence System. Remote controllable Audio digital recorder, GSM bug (live listening function) and GPS/GSM tracker all-in-one. Downloadable recordings files remotely. A.I.S. is the most powerful and futuristic digital audio recorder ever published in the intelligence electronics market. Commissioned by major Brazilian security agencies. Fully computerized with 1, 2GHz and 1GB RAM processor. All in mm. 90x55x22. Controllable and manageable remotely  via any PC or tablet Windows: everything can be done via WiFi (also portable router or tethering/hotspot function of Android mobile phones/tablets are OK) or via Internet WiFi/4G (SIM card). Downloadable audio recordings files remotely. 5 quality levels of the recording and 3 selectable formats (WAV MP3 OGG). The registration can be suspended/reactivated/scheduled remotely at any time, to extend battery life up to 15 days and to focus the audio control only on interesting periods. The device can be also externally powered. But A.I.S. is also a GSM bug and even GPS/GSM tracker: it allows to listen everything happens in realtime and unlimited distance, even at the same time as the recording in progress. Furthermore allows GPS tracking, useful when controlling a car. System not in catalogue, reserved for high professional customers with technical knowledge.



V.I.S. WiFi/4G Video Intelligence System. Watch and listen from your phone. New tiny Internet camera with internal SIM CARD: audio/video live transmission via Internet to smartphone or Android tablet.  Alarm movements (motion detector). Totally manageable remotely. Internal rechargeable battery. V.I.S. is currently the world's smallest and most powerful tactical audio/video system for intelligence tasks. Operating anywhere in an couple of seconds with internal SIM CARD on WiFi/4G networks (no WiFi networks required, no router, no configurations, no DNS, no installations, no practice with network services required). Up to 40 days battery lasting in standby.



New flat 'PrimeGo' from TIM: Unlimited calls and SMS at 2 euros per month.  Let's talk about an interesting news from TIM. Low costs (less than 2 euro/month) for using GSM bugs and GPS/GSM trackers without limitation. Unlimited calls and SMS. Surf TIM website for details (ref. "friend number" or "primego") or call 119.


Online our server n. 1 for the WEB support of our GPS/GSM trackers. It's a new service offered to customers: easy and powerful tracking in the WEB. There are severla specific functions for investigative activities. Supports the realtime transmission of our trackers with min. polling (position update time) every min. 7/8 seconds. 'Navigate-to-target' function. Detailed history with navigation report options.
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