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Electronet was established in 1998 with the aim to go one step ahead the horizon of intelligence devices, developing solutions dedicated to investigative operations with a quality level according to western standards. We have an exclusive range of highly selected intelligence devices for those looking for quality, innovation, specialization and results. Our products includes warranty, qualified assistance and can be customized for any tactical and intelligence needs. See also how to buy...


Our products are like us: effective and performing without attracting the attention. Electronet differs for its internal technological structure and for the ability to integrate solutions and services. Each of our products can be equipped with all the necessary for the best investigative result, as second chances are not an option. Our mission is let you be there without being seen.

Internal electronic lab

Laboratorio microspie

R&D, production, customization, support.

Internal computing lab

Informatica investigativa

Software & firmware development.

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41028 Serramazzoni (Modena - Italy) Asiago Str. 22. We are located in the tiles valley of Sassuolo (Modena) and close to the Ferrari racing cars.

Our suppliers: quality first.

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Purposes and consequences in the use of intelligence devices are intended in compliance with the laws of your country. Some uses could violate local laws and rules. Electronet disclaim any responsibility.

ELECTRONET Asiago Str. 22 41028 Serramazzoni (Modena) - Italy. Tel. +39 05361856240. Fax +39 05361851123. VAT code IT 02811170360 - REA 333421 MODENA IT - Commerce licence 12/99 municipality of Pavullo (Modena) Italy.

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