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Our main products are not simply purchased and resold but designed, manufactured and directly supported by us. We manufacture intelligence devices with a quality level according to western standards, with an exceptional size/autonomy ratio, easy to use even for inexperienced and provided with user manuals. All the products are covered by our extended warranty.

We can satisfy a wide range of surveillance & intelligence tasks and we are a reference for those looking for quality, results and the right price for professional-level intelligence technologies.

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Technological services. Installations of intelligence devices, also on site with our mobile lab. Custom disguises and camouflage expecially made for the environments to be controlled. Custom equipment for specific investigation cases.

Investigative computer science. Video processing, sound cleaning. GPS satellite data and BTS cells processing with detailed reports. Deleted data recovery. Computer forensics. Information services. SpyPhone Android.

Countermeasures. Sweeping of rooms, cars, PCs, smartphones against bugs & eavesdroppings. Technologies and strategies for the privacy defense of individuals and companies. Electronic vehicles defense. Reports also to be produced in court.

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Tech factors plays a major and delicate role in investigations & intelligence. Whenever possible it's suggested to evaluate the quality of the product, the functionality, the ease of use and the competence of the seller. Our head offices are respectful of your privacy. An appointment is required for internal organization, to avoid meetings with other customers and to be able to offer the best service. Our demonstrations and our consultancies are free. To guarantee secrecy both for today and for tomorrow, we have no cases archives and/or serial code archives. Our computer systems, our Apps and our GPS platforms comply with the most restrictive GDPR european privacy rules.

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Legal address, warehouse & lab 1: 41026 Pavullo (Modena - Italy) Via Bellini 24.

Operations, sales, offices, showroom & lab 2: 41028 Serramazzoni (Modena - Italy) Via Giardini Sud 261.

We are located within half an hour from Modena Nord and Modena Sud (nearest highway exits) and within 50 mins from Bologna BLQ airport.

We are close to Maranello, the town of Ferrari racing cars.
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ELECTRONET Via Giardini Sud 261 41028 Serramazzoni (MO) - Italy. Tel. +39 0536950263. Fax +39 0 5361851123. VAT code IT 02811170360 - REA 333421 MODENA ITALY - Commerce licence 12/99 city of Pavullo (Modena) Italy - PEC address (certified mail): contact us.

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