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Servizio occultamento microcamere

Intelligence devices are no longer 'mysterious solutions'. Are well known to everybody. Therefore device size, battery life and concealments are becoming more and more important to avoid suspicions and to avoid easy discoverying. Our lab hide microcameras, GSM bugs and other intelligence solutions according with environment situations. We also hide them inside appliances and furnitures already present in houses, offices, etc. (and/or supplied by the customer or indicated by the customer). Eg. interior furnishings, garden furniture, urban furniture, appliances, accessories, computer accessories, office supplies, motor vehicles, forest areas. We operate on RF, BF, 220V, 12V, LAN-WLAN networks, PSTN-ISDN-ADSL-PBX-DECT telephony and IP TVI CVI ADH video surveillance systems already present in place. We make accurate handmade camouflages specific for the destination environments and for the investigations.

Our labs can customize devices and solutions (eg. battery life, sizes, weights, shapings and profilings suitable for the target object, custom-made wiring, custom colors and camouflage, up to hardware and software functions customized for the case). 

 Customized devices
Intelligence solutions

Fake poles with hidden cameras & DVRs. Videorecording triggered by a tiny infrared PIR sensor. High level of miniaturization. Up to 20 amps batteries.

GSM bug hidden inside heel shoe.

Covert WiFi camera (hidden on-site in half an hour inside a TV).

Anti stalking bag customized for the case: as soon as the hidden button is pressed, it starts videorecording, sends an SMS alarm, makes live audio-video available (to allow remote verification of what's happening) and automatically sends the recorded videos to the cloud in order to put them in a safe place. Internal SIM card. It also transmit the GPS position to a WEB platform.

Fake stone with hidden camera. DVR & video transmission (1.3GHz radio waves). GSM module for SMS remote activation / deactivation of radio transmission and videorecording.

Gewiss electrical boxes with magnets and an Internet 3G/4G camera inside (live video transmission & DVR). IP55 waterproof.

Digital cameras Starlight 3 0.00005 Lux 800TVL with DVR. IP55 waterproof and partially interrable. Also customizable with 3G / 4G live video trasmission (internal SIM card, no WiFi required).

TV already present on-site: it has been equipped in just half an hour with hidden UMTS microcamera (first-generation video telephony). Audio / video live transmission with internal SIM card on UMTS 3G band. No WiFi required.

Audio / video installations inside devices already present on-site.

Various concealments & camouflages.

Hidden cameras: fake street poles (pan/tilt adjustable thanks to the internal magnets). Digital camera Starlight 3 Sony 0.0001 Lux 800TVL, DVR and batteries inside. Videorecording triggered by a tiny infrared PIR sensor.

Tiny VOR audio recorder with long battery life hidden inside a common office stamp: 100 hrs recording and 1800 hrs stand by.

Gas pole header with microcamera, DVR and Hi-Sens directional microphone (60dB).

 A jewel of miniaturization: micro GPS tracker fully customized and hidden inside the travel trolley hoof wheel.

GPS logger (no SIM card) hidden under a bike seat. Fully customized for the case with 9 days battery life.

Forest coverings: special camera traps as needed and required. Video live transmission via the 3G / 4G SIM card (no WiFi required), video recording and motion alerts. Up to 20 days battery life.

P3000: 6Ghz 2W microwave transmitters hidden in Gewiss electric boxes. 6GHz directive receivers and 12V miniature DVR 4 channels.

EyeCatcher 50: able to shoot license plates or faces up to 600 meters. Video recording and live video broadcasting via Internet 3G / 4G with SIM card (no WiFi required). Rental only.

Filming on the fly: special hidden & waterproof DVR cameras. Applicable with low-profile magnet or biadhesive.

Cyclical GSM / BTS micro locator (not GPS) hidden in high value art work. 3,5 months battery life in just 34x31x13 mm.

Extreme miniature audio microrecorders. Suitable to be hidden in clothing or personal effects.

Waterproof GPS locators 2 months battery life. Suitable for under-hull barges for investigative tracking in coastal areas, rivers, lakes, etc.

Audio microrecorders sewn into garments. Few mm. thick. Up to 35 hours recording.

Bag with hidden GSM bug and BTS cell locator inside. Thermofused into the internal base made of acrylic sponge,  under the lining. Impossible to detect to the touch.

Microcameras & DVR modules for anti-sabotage and anti-vandalism investigations.

One of the smallest emergency cellphones in the world. Can fit into an hell shoe.

The camera concealment in this stereo rack has required the addition of two 3.5 mm. jack sockets. Both are fakes.

Anti stalking: hidden "button type" wearable cameras. 20 hrs continuous videorecording.

Anti stalking hidden cameras with remote ON/OFF controller.

Microcamere occultate

Hidden tiny cameras (8x8 mm only). VOR triggered DVR and "D" size alcaline batteries. Up to 60 hrs. videorecording and 5 months stand by.

Garden pot with Internet Camera 3G / 4G SIM card inside (no WiFi required). 10x optical zoom, to shoot faces or plates up to 40-50 meters. Internal power supply for about 13-15 days of battery life. Live video transmission and video recording. Send motion alerts and allows to view / download video recordings. All at unlimited range.

Pole equipped with hidden Starlight 0.0001 Lux digital camera, rechargeable battery & DVR module: suitable for night vision without infrared lightning.

Internet Camera V.I.S. internal SIM card (no WiFi required).

Fixed aiming Starlight 3 digital camera with 30mm lens. Microwave radio transmission 5.8GHz 2.5W up to 1.5 Km. range.

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 English website is in progress. Please contact us.

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